Our Philosophy


Maternal Traits - Carl Buehrly and Bill Hinrichsen taught me how valuable the cow family is to your success. Carl was a big believer in letting cows get the calving job done on their own and we continue to subscribe to that philosophy today.   Carl loved to let cows calve in a woodlot out of the wind and away from the barn.  At the end of the day we need to manage our purebred herds without special treatment if we plan on propagating genetics that will work to improve the commercial herd.

It is amazing how much quicker that cow calf bond happens when we stay out of the momma’s way and let her exhibit her maternal instincts.

Longevity - C.P. Mann and Family knows firsthand how expensive it is to get a replacement heifer raised up to the point that she gives you a calf.  That initial expense needs to be amortized over many years and many calves in order for an operation to be profitable. 

We are flushing our older (8 years or more) proven cows whose EPD profile for maternal, growth and carcass traits are still economically strong.  These are the cows whose feet are still great and are moving like they are still youngsters.

Husbandry-Our goal is for our animals to never have a bad day. The excellent care our animals receive is designed to let the animal exhibit its full genetic potential .  Most importantly we want the animal to proliferate that excellent  genetic potential in our customers herds.

Stewardship - The land takes care of us so we need to take care of the land so that future generations can enjoy the same great lifestyle that we have.